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Short-term vacation rentals are more popular than ever, and you don’t have to own property in the Bahamas for it to make sense. Sites like Airbnb make it easy to rent your property to guests all over the globe. The best part is short-term vacation rentals can help supplement your income. Whether you travel part of the year, own a seasonal property, or simply live on the property and rent an adjacent structure, short-term vacation rentals are a viable option for many owners. However, there is a problem. Many who rent short-term don’t even think about vacation rental insurance. If you think Airbnb’s Host Guarantee Insurance is all you need, you’re in for a surprise.

While short-term vacation rentals are a great opportunity, many homeowners make the mistake of assuming their homeowners policy has them covered for vacation rental activities. We have some bad news for those homeowners – it does not. On top of this, programs like Airbnb’s Host Guarantee Insurance make the homeowner feel like they are 100% covered. More bad news – there are several coverage gaps in options like the Host Guarantee. Worse yet, these gaps in coverage might not be apparent until you’re in the middle of an expensive claim.

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