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Resources Through Risk Management

Are You a Ministry Leader?

Churches fall into the larger category of Commercial Insurance but are very different from
a business in more ways than one. Not necessarily headline worthy, most church insurance claims
involve unexpected accidents like property damage. Distinguishing your church’s realistic risks
encourages the well-being of your congregation, community, staff, and facility.

Meet Andrew

We are proud to have a licensed pastor on our team who understands church insurance from an inside perspective. Andrew has a Masters of Divinity from Asbury Seminary and when he is not helping you with your insurance needs, he is a pastor at a Vineyard Church in Central Ohio and does Pastoral Counseling and Coaching through his practice, Living Leadership. We're focused on serving your ministry through wise and experienced risk management solutions that extends throughout the entire team.


Partnering with National Industry Specific Carriers

Credible carriers allow us to cover churches’ unique risks in one comprehensive, cost-effective package that may provide you with key benefits:

  • Free expert resources to help you create written processes and procedures in areas like HR, Children’s Ministry, and Church Security.

  • A no-cost, non-binding site visit prior to quoting to help you gain a deep understanding of your risks simply by engaging in the process.

Commercial Coverages for Churches

Your current policy should include these primary insurance coverages (just to name a few).
Commercial Insurance is complex and needs to be tailored to your church. Please connect
with one of our experts and refer to your policy for specific coverage details.

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Property Coverages:

Address the risk of damage or loss to physical church property.

Special Property

Covers stained glass windows, ornate woodwork, or other unique architectural features.

Business Personal Property

Covers unattached office items, chairs, tables, etc.

Custody, Care & Control

Covers liability associated with personal equipment kept at the church like musical instruments.

Liability Coverages:

Address the risk of harm to others, even if it’s an accident.

Directors & Officers

Covers decisions made by board members, elders, or trustees.

Employment Practices Liability Insurance (EPLI)

Covers liability from employee discrimination, improper dismissal, etc.

Sexual Molestation

Responds to allegations of sexual abuse.

Pastoral Counseling

Covers accusations of neglect, misguidance, and more.

Special Events

Covers special events like Vacation Bible School.


Covers missions trips & retreat or campus travel.

Other coverages include Religious Beliefs Liability, Security Team Liability, etc.

Auto Coverages:

Address liabilities associated with damage to/by church vehicle(s).

Hired & Non-owned

Covers drivers who are performing in their roles as church employees or volunteers.

Church-Owned Vehicles

Covers buses & vans.


Looking for Employee Benefits?

We can connect you to valuable and cost-effective group benefits:

Group Life Insurance, Group Disability Insurance, Group Health Insurance

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